In the job search & payroll market there are many players offering solutions either to search for job or to manage payroll systems. However, from our preliminary research we understand that the whole process from the point of job search then getting recruited and until getting paid is one single process.

Therefore, we identified to unify the processes to make it a one stop solution. The best point of entry to test this idea is in amidst the small scale enterprises.

This is because we believe from our experience as students and part time odd job workers that the overall pace of the whole cycle of job searching-recruiting-payroll-rating is the fastest in this area.









Area of Interest 


From our experiences and interview of people working in the shops, restaurants and places like that, we got to some insights mentioned as follows:

  • Opportunities to work are usually posted on the door or the notice board outside the shop.

  • Employees change on an average of every 4 months.

  • Immediate substitutes are difficult to find.

  • Hiring process is very simple.

  • Payment to the temporary employee is mostly unorganized.

  • No past rating of the employee or employers

  • Claims of no-pay or over-pay usually go unsettled or overcompensated.

  • Wage negotiations are always one sided (employer).


Design opportunity identified are:

  • Job opportunities are localized and thus missed by most, let’s spread the word.

  • Cumbersome to manage every changing employees, let’s make it simple.

  • Substitute hiring could be made simple.

  • If hiring is simple why waste time.

  • Let’s organize payments and tracking.

  • Let’s assigning ratings to everyone on-board, so that there’s no need for ‘leap of faith’.

As an employers you can post the job, payment details, skills required and assess the candidates who applied for the job as well as people who didn’t apply but are suitable for the job.

Search your ideal candidate by using filters and sort by options. Contact people who fit perfectly for your job, if they show their availability.

User Personas

Based on the interviews that we took of the present employers and employees of shops, restaurants and stores, we have identified different user types who would use our services.


These personas help us to understand the user’s needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals.

Journey Maps

Employer Journey Map

Employee Journey Map

Our process of working is fairly simple but effective. We followed the following process steps:


  1. Strategy: We brainstormed various directions to move forward. We ideated concepts that would be most effective. We iteratively modified the directions based on the inputs from experts in the field.

  2. Scope: During this phase, we decided the level of importance of certain aspects of our delivery. The clarity of features to be included in the application was prioritized in this phase.

  3. Structure: Mockups were built, discussed, tested by role play & user test. Measured the test parameters. User flow was identified and shortest or easiest ways were ascertained.  

  4. Skeleton: Here we built the foundation of our assets based on the findings from the user test. The user tests were iterative in its fashion. We used parallel design to get maximum input in short time.

  5. Surface: FIGMA was used to design the final surface models of the alpha prototype. The process as we realize is never ending. Therefore momentarily we are satisfied with the type of impact the application has.

Wireframe & Flow chart

Wireframes presented bellow not only shows the basic frames but also depicts the structure of the application.

Mock up

Several levels of parallel design concepts that evolved through iterative process during the user testing was fruitful in making the final surface prototype.


We identified that the two most important emotional connections that we want to successfully establish are trust and pride.


The color used in out theme is a combination of blue and purple. Blue is associated with trust and purple with royalty, and any association with royalty comes pride.


Employer's features

Negotiation process simplified. 

Real time notification and confirmation features allows for quick and effortless action.

Employee's features

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