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S a v e  F o o d.    S a v e  W o r l d.

Ecofrost Cold Storage


In rural India, farmers are forced to sell their produce because food items are perishable. Once they are ripe their price start to decline.  

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Cold storages are centralized, few in number and privately managed. Monopoly and far from farm locations makes it difficult for farmers to access cold storages.


Electricity supply is erratic, there are high voltage fluctuations and effects due to climate make the supply unreliable for a cold storage to perform at optimized levels. 


In the absence of COLD CHAIN

30% of total perishable food produced is wasted.

E c o f r o s t

Ecofrost company was founded to build a solar energy powered standalone cold storage at IIT, Kharagpur, India - business incubation center. 

M y   J o b

I was a Product Design Engineer.

To work cross disciplinary with Electronics Engineering team, Thermal Engineering,

Mechanical Design, Mfg.-Vendor & Supply chain, Marketing and Branding,

To bring it all together for a seamlessly integrated, high quality product for 

less cost with high value for customers. 

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