An opportunity to reach opportunity.

This is a job search app for the construction workers.

Designed for markets where temporary workers are required.

This app. aims to

democratize market

for daily wage workers.

I want to help to improve the situation through this app.

Observed process flow chart



I have missed many opportunity, some of those which I think would have changed my life. I missed them just because the recruiters were at different location and I learnt that very late.

The wage negotiations have crossed a limit, its no more a negotiation. The number of people gathering in this location has increased drastically.... I need to search other new better location to gather. 

There are people from labor union who try to discriminate based on their friendship. This is not fair! They influence a lot, and we go without jobs for weeks together.... Every one is corrupt!

The interviews led me to following insights:

  • It is usually necessary to be associated with a community, to get constant jobs.

  • Information of new opportunities are first passed on to the friends and families.

  • Timing of requirements/job opportunity is uncertain.

  • Wage fluctuations are eminent.

  • Discriminatory practices are not just in information flow, but also in hiring. 

In 2017, when I was working as a product design engineer in India, I had to hire a few construction workers on behalf of my company to modify some walls to make way for assembly line. During that experience I observed that;

- Construction workers gather to be hired early morning in public places like cross roads, markets etc.

- The selection is based on who can work for least money.

- There is no skill assessment.

- There is a lot of negotiation.

- If someone knew someone the chances of getting hired was more.

- It was also based on community biased opportunity sharing. 

Because of these sociocultural ways;

- Opportunities are not evenly distributed.

- Unemployment prevails even though there are employment opportunities.

- Discrimination on various levels are widespread.




  • Worker

  • Opportunity

  • Place and Time

  • Convenience





Impact assessment graph


Based on the analysis done on strategy the scope of the app is decided as follows.

  • The process of searching job should be as simple as possible.

  • The location based searching is required.

  • Sense of community should be used to enhance the experience.

  • Real time information flow.

  • Information availability to everyone.

  • Job posting for the recruiters should be hassle free.

  • Job reservation in advance needed. 

  • Access to TECHNOLOGY should be considered. 










As mentioned above, the access to technology is of utmost importance.

It depends upon geographical factors to decide on the type of access and design for it.

For example, in INDIA many user use phones that are based on Operating System which is neither iOS nor Android. Thus the design strategy must be influenced based on the type of technology users have access to.

However, it could also be argued that, with the proliferation of more and more Android & iOS based phones eventually users would have access to the technology.

Therefore, in order to keep things uncluttered and simple for initial prototypes I have made an assumption:


Users have access to either latest Android or iOS based devices.


User Persona

Personal Background

  • Age, country, skill, social status, children mentioned on the left.

  • Mix of rural as well as city life style.

  • Access to mobile phone. Very basic tech. specification phone.

  • Basic understanding of using apps. in the phone.

Demographic Profile

  • Indian traditional thinking.

  • Strong sense of community.

  • Falls under the poverty line.

  • Spends most of the time working out door.

  • Generally tired attitude.

  • Borderly miser.

Motivating factors

  • Want for a reliable job/constant income.

  • Want for easy access to basic necessities.

  • Education for children.

  • Own a house some day.


Sign-up section of the app. wire-frame ready for testing

Similarly other stages of the apps were tested to understand the  nuances and improve the design in an iterative manner.

Prototype testing using Marvel. So that wireframes could be tested under proximal real experience.



Based on the insights from user testings the optimized user flow

chart was created. This structure is finalized for the surface prototyping.  

As per the strategy decided earlier following points were considered for the overall structure of the app.: 

  • The job display should be location based.

  • There should be as minimum steps as possible.

  • Ability to reserve for multiple jobs should be present.

  • Strategies using the sense of community for sociocultural development.

Surface design



To reserve the job.

To waitlist the job.

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